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Carbonite, Inc. is an American company that offers an online backup service, available to Windows and macOS users. It backs up documents, e-mails, music, photos, and settings. It is named after carbonite, the fictional substance used to freeze Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Carbonite was the first such service to offer unlimited backup space for a fixed price. Previously, all online backup services were priced by the gigabyte; many other vendors have since changed to an unlimited model. Carbonite offers two separate lines of products: Carbonite Home and Home Office for individuals, families, and one- or two-person businesses; and Carbonite Small Business for businesses with three or more computers.

Dustin shared in a review, "Carbonite wanted to increase our yearly cost by more than 50% with minimal account upgrades. Our account was set to renew automatically at this increased price with no warning. An account rep reached out to me a 6-8 weeks ahead of our renewal date but wouldn't respond until we were about 2 weeks out. At that time he informed me our price was going up. The strange thing was that under billing it still showed the price we had been paying for the past six years, and showed we would be charged the same amount again on our renewal date. If he hadn't mentioned it on the call they would have charged us the new price without informing us until we received the receipt. I really did not like that their system was showing one price but they planned to spring another on us.2


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nothing really (Former Employee) says

"politics, politics, politics. no honesty. lots of unrealistic expectations. need to be friend with managers to have some piece. lots of cautioning and implying that you will be fired."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No one cares about anyone here and the only advancement is available through rear kissing hard work means nothing to managers management from the top is broke and the waste only goes fo"

Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible, training was laughable and promises were never kept. They have an extremely high turnover rate due to telling employees they will get benefits 3 months in, then take 6 additional months to give, harass employees that are good at their job because they look better then the team leads and refuse to help when their jobs require them to.NonEverything about them"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"A typical shift as a representative estimated in handling roughly 30 to 50 phone calls. Managers were not very helpful to employees and spent more time sitting around cubicles joking around than doing actual work. The company will mislead employees about benefits and when you get hired they will tell you 90 days after being hired but then tell you it's 180 days. Company has a very strict attendance policy, and a very high turn-over rate. If you do become a full-time hire and need to schedule a day off you need to plan weeks in advance which is nearly impossible for certain situations and scheduling coordinators will hardly negotiate if you want to schedule a day off if it is less than two weeks in advance. The training the company will provide you with is very poor and will inadequately prepare you for working on the floor of the job. The information they provide you is almost indirectly the opposite of what floor managers will want you to do when you're handling calls with customers. The only saving grace of this job is the pay is decent. However, the level of stress involved and the unprofessional work ethic of management and other colleagues make this a very tough environment to work in.Decent Pay, company supplies free alcoholic beverages in break room to employeesawful management, low-quality training, and high stress environment"

Technical Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Carbonite for more than a year. I really liked it at first. It was challenging and most of the time the clients were very happy. The management on the other hand is a different story. Things are always changing and rarely do they make any sense. When I started there, there were many brilliant agents there. They took the job because there isn't much in Maine for tech jobs. Little by little they ran them out and now the bar is so low it is embarrassing. Advancement isn't based on performance or knowledge. There are supervisors with no technical background and can't answer questions. There is a class each and every week with new hires so that should say something...nobody sticks around long.consistent hourstoo many to list"

Technical Support Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"I started with this company back when it was still considered a startup. Since then, leadership has changed hands several times, and it has become abundantly clear that the company is in it's senior year. As a support representative, you truly are the grunts on the front lines, and that's exactly how it feels. Staffing is way below what it should be due to high attrition. Now with the company's primary focus switching to sales, Technical Support isn't truly what is offered anymore regardless of the title. Everyone is expected to be a proficient sales agent first, and a skilled technician second.Free coffee, the people are niceAlmost no work-life balance, Senior Management will never care who you are, the company probably won't exist in a year."

Tier II Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, micromanaged. Smart people don't get ahead with Carbonite, it's more about how well you conform to rules and regulations.NadaNada"

Technical Support Professional II, SMB (Former Employee) says

"Got hired end of September 2019 got laid off in June 2020. The company seemed good to start form the temp agency i was working with. The training was 5 weeks and was good. However, that is where everything went down hill. Carbonite was supposed to be a lite sales job but apparently they had just bought a ton of company the previous years. They are expanding to fast and seeping money. They got bought out by OpenText a Canadian companty, so expect major changes like no specials or discount codes to goad sales. Marketing, Sales and Support never talk, support always lost on marketing emails.Carbonite software seems to break with a new issue every month. Just dont work here. And i got terminated because of not getting the callers email even tho it was 3rd party outside tech for said customer. Company is confused, and i had 31 positive surveys which was double any one else amount, so apparently I was good enough to help customers with their needs, and get raving reviews, but not good enough to keep my job. Was also laid off right has business were opening back up from Covid. Run far away if you want to actually learn things, mangers didnt help.NoneMangers, Bought out, Software"

Technical Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"company outsourced the majority of jobs overseas. career options were explained, and agents were advised that they would get promotions easily. This is not the case. They have been hiring new employees outside of the company instead of providing job security, decent raises, and promotions, they went with new employees. Criticism is not appreciated here. Do your job (but don't get paid well), keep your head down, don't talk to anyone else and you might do okay."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"This company used to care about it's employees, have a great working environment and help employees to feel appreciated. They did surveys to ensure people were happy and worked on morale constantly. Now, they have begun outsourcing jobs to Jamaica, and lied about job security in the US. You are not allowed to be human anymore with this company. It's all about the numbers. If you don't have the numbers they want, they won't help you, like they used to.Great Medical/Dental/Vision BenefitsMust be a robot"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Carbonite is currently in the process of downsizing their United States department. Carbonite is outsourcing to Jamaica to save money. Carbonite have openly acknowledged that they are planning to eliminate most of the US based customer support jobs."


"When I first started I loved working there, and my coworkers are absolutely wonderful. However due to changes within the past years things started to become shaky. No longer did I fear that I would be let go due to poor job performance but I was fearing if they would eventually move my position off shore just like they did for the Home support reps.Free Star Wars movie showingsNot enough staffing, no job security."

Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"Good Salary and benefits Free snack and lunch on Friday Open office environment Good cultural environment Need some management visibility Laid off is normal culture. Most likely every starting of quarter"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There is a lack of transparency that makes for a stressful work environment and culture. I was sold a bill of goods and left high and dry. I was actually warned about this and foolishly took a position there anyway. Fool me once..."

Help Desk (Current Employee) says

"Its a stressful place with a lot of confusion with in the call center. They seem to pinch pennies and through away nickles. Being a newer Call Center they have not figured out how to keep there employees.Great place to startStressful and confusing place to work."

Technical Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"This job became all about up-selling anyone who called in for technical support - not actually fixing their issue. An increasing level of sales became expected. If you didn't make their goals - you'd be coached (disciplined) and eventually fired if you didn't start selling more. People started stealing credit for sales any way they could. The attendance policy also seemed designed to keep their high turnover rate churning permanently. The policy got tightened even further whenever they needed to reduce their workforce. If you got close the to the finish line of actually getting the employee referral bonus (new hire worked x months and still in good standing)... it was almost guaranteed that you'd be fired or the new hire would get coached to take them out of good standing. I can't recall anyone ever getting the bonus. There's a non-disclosure agreement that prevents you from saying anything negative about the company to current employees, potential future employees, customers, your future employers (tricky to explain why you left your last job with that in effect...), basically anyone for a YEAR after you leave. So read the job reviews from people who haven't worked there for at least a year to get the whole picture. Also - there's a weird patent-grab legal document that makes you disclose any current patents you have. You better have a lawyer handy if you ever want to file a future patent that could even possibly be construed to build on anything you started/learned at Carbonite. They are VERY proud of their vicious lawyers.PaySales, Job Security"

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is a great place to work, but they will micromanage the heck out of you. The management team there, for the most part, is more concerned about sales and little nitpicky stuff for QA than actually delivering quality customer service. Yes, upper management goes out of their way to ensure the employees are happy, from free lunches to the now-famous beer cart. But when you deal all day with the same people having the same issues, many of which are not covered in training or covered with old information, it gets monotonous. Then, they randomly decide to change everyone's schedule.... and you're stuck with what you get. It's a good entry level job (if they don't start sending all of the entry level stuff out of the country), and a good place to work if you're a total geek. I wouldn't recommend it to the average person, though.Upper Management care about the employeesMicromanaging from the team managers, nitpicky QA, no room to advance into management"

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"This job is not really what it seems. After a few months you can tell it is essentially minimal tech work with sales. Being chained to a desk 40 hours a week isn't great either. Very little chance for raises or advancement, there is a long list of people waiting ahead of you."

Tech Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Let me just make this breif. I was hired, started training (4 weeks) then 4 days before my final exam I came down with bronchitis, I called Carbonite office to let them know I was going to be out for one day because my doctor advised no work and only rest. Whoever i spoke to on the "Call Out" line said I was okay to come in the next day as long as I had proper documentation stating I went to the hospital and is in fact what the doctor is advising. No Problem, I brought the note in the next morning only to hear I was fired because "I wouldnt be able to pass my exam with 3 days left of training and I missed one and there was no room for catch up"....... Never have I ever dealt with something like this.NothingEverything"

Technical support representative (Current Employee) says

"I had planned and hoped to remain at Carbonite long term, but they are outsourcing the jobs to Jamaica. While the job was there, it was a great place to work."

Martha says

"I signed up with Carbonite on a two year plan after verifying that it had a mobile app with which I could at least see documents in the backup. Worked fine for a year, then it stopped. On repeated inquiry, I was told they were fixing it. Almost 10 months later, I was finally informed that actually, it was eliminated - a feature I depended upon. My request for a prorated refund was stated to be "against policy": my written requests were ignored. I had to switch to iDrive which does have this capability but now I am paying for Carbonite through Sept 2021. Carbonite has zero interest is treating its customers decently. I chose Carbonite for this feature which they eliminated, and still want payment. This company is to be avoided."

Peter says

"Anyone who buys this product and has a MAC is out of their mind. A year ago I purchased a one year contract. There was an upgrade so I was told to download it. From that time on, my computer was so slow I was ready to trash it. The company blamed Comcast 1st and then Apple. Both of whom spent a lot of time with me before they said it was not them. After hours of time on the phone, I finally got rid of Carbonite program Since then, the computer is like lightning. Despite having Emails to this company from day one they would only prorate my refund. The difference was only $50. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. This company is the worse. By the way, I have never in my life ever written one one these. That is how bad my experience was with them."

Thayer Allison says

"I was a carbonite customer for many years. Early on I felt it was a good value. Today I discovered that all the files from my old computers were no longer being kept. They only keep what is on your most recent computer. As storage has migrated to the cloud and other hard drives, they just drop it. Now I view their service as a complete waste of money."

John says

"Been using Carbonite for years and was always glad I had it. That is until I needed it. It’s the weekend. My Outlook files are corrupted. No worries. I have Carbonite. However when I try to download the files I need it takes over an hour and 3/4 way though, download failed. Cannot get support because they only work Monday thru Friday. If you have important files, I urge going elsewhere."

ArtistTom says

"It worked fine for a year, then I upgraded to Catalina and, kerflooey, it stopped working. I followed all the instructions to allow file access, reinstalled the app and spent an hour on the phone with upper level tech support, to no avail. Switched to Backblaze and haven't looked back."

Lisa Leuthesser says

"This is a terrible service. If you are not a technical person you will never be able to use it. I am an author. All of my books, photos and covers are gone because I failed to do something (still not clear what I did wrong). I have a major nightmare now. Fortunately, one of my vendors (not Amazon!) allows me to retrieve my materials. This will take weeks. Carbonite response: "Sorry about your luck." Don't bother. Back up to a real cloud. This service sucks."

Brigid Donovan says

"Carbonite got too expensive for me so I declined to renew my membership. I contacted Carbonite for a refund since I was in the 30-day window from the automatic renewal. To get the refund I had to call, then get an email, then call about the email only to be harassed about why I am canceling and who am I with now. Ridiculous effort to quit and get my money back. Poor customer service, Carbonite."

Julie says

"I purchased a business account with carbonite back in March of 2020. I paid $287.99 to the company for 1year of backing up. I had complained to the company since a few months after that I was frustrated with not being able to back up what I wanted to back up. They had a default for a drive and it was using all my space from that drive and not the drive I wanted it to back up. I kept having this problem over and over and they had someone reach out to me to fix the problem, but every time, it was a quick fix and then in the next few days, I would get the same message that they cant back up my files because I need to pay more. But the drive that I wanted it to back up only, I had purchased enough space. I called them totally fed up more than once and said I wanted to just cancel and they convinced me to keep trying to work with the software. This month, November, I asked them to please just pro rate my money back from here to the March coming up. I didn't even ask for a full refund. They said they have a 30 day money back guarantee. That 30 days is dumb if they keep telling you they can solve the problem and then a few days later its a problem again. I will never do business with carbonite again. The rep just kept saying they would only be willing to make sure that I didn't get charged in the future. But this company did nothing for me and I never got anything out of the $287.99 I spent."

Amy Allred says

"I have been using Carbonite since 2011 thinking I was SMART backing up off site. What they did not tell me is that there were files pending... MILLIONS of files in fact. I would get monthly updates that my files were "SAFELY BACKED UP".. well now its 2020 and my computer crashed. My hard drive was bad and my files are all corrupt. No worries I thought, I have CARBONITE! Well, after trying to download the files for weeks I requested them to send a hard drive to speed up the process. I got the hard drive but it came with mostly empty folders. They lost over 25 years of my hard work. All my husbands company's marketing files, including photoshoots that has cost THOUSANDS of dollars, not to mention all my freelance files and personal files so many things I can't even wrap my head around it... I have basically lost my 30 year career as well as ruined my husband's company. I want to throw up. All Carbonite can say is sorry. They had the nerve to offer my 2 new years. Like I would EVER use them! So bottom line if you do use them make sure you don't have a lot of data and make sure you have a second back up source. but I am OVER THEM!!!!!!!!!"

Scott Hallman says

"MacBook Pro Users beware - This product does not work! I signed up and paid for the version that includes external drive... After 45 mins on the chat it became clear that Carbonite does not work with Thunderbolt.. the ONLY ports on the MAC. Not to mention in the 45 mons the tech had me do 3 workaround..literally I have to reach the freaking articles to figure out how to get the BASIC Carbonite to work for the MAC! What a terrible company that appears to take people money even when they KNOW that the product will not work for them"

Chris Folea says

"I've been using Carbonite to back up my files for the past several years. My hard drive finally died, and I thought, "Well that sucks - but at least my files are backed up!" That was not the case. Carbonite backed up SOME of my files but not even close to all of them. I'm missing a LOT of important stuff, and it's going to cost me $1200 to get my files recovered by a data recovery business. Basically, I've been paying them hundreds of dollars per year for the past several years for them to stand around twiddling their thumbs doing jack. Would not recommend to my worst enemies. I have HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of files - how was I supposed to manually keep track of whether or not they were backing up ALL of them?"

Meredith Lipscomb says

"Don't waste your money. I have been getting emails stating that my computer has not backed up since Januar. I upgraded, reinstalled (several times) and had my IT guy take a stab at it. To no avail. I then tried reaching out to Carbonite Tech support. I attempted live chat - it never worked and tried calling several times to experience over 45 minute of wait times - so I gave up. Requested a full refund and included this months email from Carbonite stating my computer hasn't backed up and they refused me. They have the evidence that my computer has never backed up yet still deny doing the right thing and refunding my money. It was a waste of money and several hours of my life."

Jitesh Kothari says

"Bad Customer Service Last year on November 15 I received email that my CC is expired and needed to update my CC for uninterrupted service. I went ahead and changed my CC. On November 18 of last year Carbonite charged to my both CC. I didn't notice until now when I sat down to do my taxes that they have charged me twice. On September 1 of this year I went on Carbonite website and initiated chat session. I checked box to email my chat transcript. I had chat with person name Harrison. My case # 0598067. I asked my over payment should be refunded. Harrison tried to convince me to leave my over payment as is and turned off my auto debit so won't get charged again. Since I was already charged twice last year, I don't trust them so I repeatedly asked for the refund. He wrote back someone from the refund department will contact me within 2 - 3 days. I have not received call and I also did not receive transcript in my email. Don't trust this compnay."

AJ Vega says

"I lost all of my data because of the crappy way Carbonite has their system setup. I switched my subscription to a new computer after my old one died. In the process, I expected it would "merge" the files from my old backup so I could keep them, along with backing up my new one. Turns out that's not the case. After 30 days it delete, permanently, my entire backup of files for my old computer. I lost all of my video and pictures of my family growing up. FOREVER. Do NOT use Carbonite! Their 30-day retention policy SUCKS and their process is not intuitive. This is truly depressing."

Carole Malan says

"I am extremely displeased with Carbonite customer service. I bought a new computer and tried to transfer my Carbonite account to the new computer. It didn't work, so I put in a customer support request but no one contacted me. After two days, I decided to "add" a new computer, thinking I could get a refund for the amount remaining on my old computer. WRONG! They wouldn't give me a refund for the time remaining on my old computer. So watch out people!!!"

Eddie Chambers says

"Ive never written a review before, but if this will help someone not lose there mind or data... Our business comp died, we got a new comp, I went to our Carbonite account to download our data, and our most needed files hadnt been backed up for 3 months! What a joke! Mozy Pro was awesome but Carbonite will guarantee bitter regret."

Mrs Kristi Murphy says

"Horrible customer service. It takes a lot for me to write a poor review but I hope that it saves someone else from getting overcharged. I have open cases to prove I was trying to get help and they did nothing. Seems very shady. Wish I would have read these reviews before using them."

Melissa McFee says

"I had all of my computer files backed up to Carbonite. My computer crashed and ended up having to restore all my files. Most of the data seemed to be there but when I went to actually use it a lot of my current data was corrupt. I talked to Carbonite and they said that they were not responsible for that data because they only backup data on the user drive not just c drive even though some of it was backed up. I contacted them again when I found more data that was corrupt and they told me it was because their backup does not backup data from a software that I was using? I tried emailing them several times with zero response. Finally chatted with them to request a refund and its against their refund policy. I spent countless hours redoing months of work plus hiring another company to see if they could get any other data off my hard drive that was not backed up. It looks like its backed up on Carbonite but the files are not usable."

Penny Drapkin says

"I've been a Carbonite customer for four years. When I first joined, if I needed a hard drive back up sent to me, it was $9.99 and I received it within 48 hours. I was told to go ahead and keep the drive. Just recently, I needed same and requested it on 11/23. Was $9.99 but drive was sent via priority mail and received on 12/2. I was advised that it needed to be returned within 21 days to avoid a $129 charge. Yesterday, 12/14, we received an email that if it wasn't received back by today, we'd be charged. I called and spoke with customer service to inform them that I hadn't even received it until 12/2. We did return the drive today and they were ok with that. I, however, am not ok with the money grab that Carbonite has become. There are other services that do the same and I will investigate those rather than to auto renew at my expiration. The service they provide regarding sending the data via hard drive was a good option rather than days of downloading. But considering what they charge for the yearly subscription, to increase the price (apparently you can pay $29.99 for overnight service, which wasn't advised to us) since we're already paying a lot for the subscription, doesn't seem like a good value. I don't need to buy their hard drive for $129. Best Buy has plenty of those for less."

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